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DVD Backup/Ripping Tutorial
Tutorial by James of Bandit.co.nz
Copyright James Nisbet 2004 ~ 2007

First you must install the ASPI layer, this can be found here.

Included is a small program that will tell you if you have the current version, so even if you have ASPI, please download and check anyway.

Second you must install the new XviD codec, this can be found here. Once it is installed you may want to reboot your computer to let everything take effect.

Third you must install DVDx, this can be found here.

Lastly you must 'unlock' the DVD drive, do this by playing the DVD in your drive with any DVD software you have. Personally I use PowerDVD.

Next you will get a message saying that you can turn off virtual memory to get more speed. After this message I get an error message saying that DVDx can't authenticate my DVD drive, if you get this just ignore it, as long as you followed all steps above it should work fine.

Next is the output configuration, this is just as detailed as the last, so get ready. Click the Output Settings button on the toolbar as shown below.

Here you should have the Output window like below.

If for some reason you cannot find this calculator, you may download it here.

Now, back to the codec configuration with our bitrate. Put the bitrate you just got in the bitrate box. Click OK.

Next you need to select your output directory for the movie to be placed, select a place with more than enough space for your movie and click OK.

Have fun.

If you liked this tutorial please tell a friend.

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